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Re: Unread Letters

Thank you @letitgo. That means a lot to me. Smiley Happy

Re: Unread Letters

Dear various ad production teams;


Please. Calm. Down.

Car insurance is not that exciting, even if it does come from a grocery store. (also who's buying car insurance along with milk, deodorant, apples and instant coffee? Who's shopping list includes "car, house and pet insurance"?)


No, I have not been injured in an accident that wasn't my fault; though I'll keep a note to avoid forklifts and any roads with strangely ominous lighting. 

If I do get injured and my insurance doesn't help though, I'll be glad to direct you to my nearest shopping-centre-cross-insurance-agency.


Also I would like to mention that your diet plan, exercise... thing and/ or organic 1000% natural, unsweetened almond milk will not change my life. It'd probably just make hungry.


I have never in my life wondered how your face cream compares to laser surgery, and I seriously hope that person did not literally get laser resurfacing on only one half of her face.

It just seems a bit excessive for the sake of a 30 second ad.

Whose idea was that exactly?


Also banks; why are half of you pretending you are not, in fact, a bank? And making fun of all banks in the process?

Please stop. You're not fooling anyone and frankly it's getting embarrassing.


To that office supplies store, I love you but your pencils will not change world, erase poverty or cure cancer. Just be you. You're already enough, office supplies store. You're already enough.


And to various car production companies, this would have to be the 50th time I've heard that music. Please find a new song. Please.



Person who watches too much TV. 

Re: Unread Letters

Dear self.
I know you’re getting piled up with assignments and homework that is unnecessary, but please hold on! You have already had a syncope episode at school, you don’t want to have another one... if you do, it will most likely be from all the stress you keep over complicating.

You are already tired enough everyday. Please try to calm down before something bad happens. Getting emotional will exhaust yourself even more.

Think of the great things you have already achieved! Like that A- in Home Ec last term. Or how you rocked that violin performance! And the fact that you have undergone so many appointments and tests to figure out what’s causing you health problems! Plus all the exercise you have gotten to do from a high exercise HPE class. And singing a solo in a song in front of many people at once! You are strong, courageous, beautiful, and perfectly made. Don’t let that ruin your possibly last term at your current school.

Your very tired, overworked conscious.