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Weekly GOALS!

Hey everyone,



So I've been a little lost and I've wanted to become more involved in the forums and haven't done a great job of it so far. So to combat this issue I've made a goal, and I thought it would be good if we had a thread about goal setting on the forums.


I've decided to set my goal across the week. And my goal is to "Personally respond to 3 people".

I chose 3 because it's a nice number, not too easy but not too daunting. The idea of responding to people helps push me to be more apart of the forums and step more into the role of a builder.


So now that I've shared my goal for this week, I'm wondering if you have any goals this week? What are they?


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Re: Weekly GOALS!

Hey @Bee! Hmm my goals for the week are: to work hard, to spent time with friends and family and to challenge negative thoughts (I suck at making really specific goals haha).

It looks like you've been doing a good job of responding to people on the forums btw! Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly GOALS!

Yay for making a thread @Bee! Smiley Happy


This week I want to try and go for a walk every day and start journaling again as I've been neglecting it lately

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Re: Weekly GOALS!

I think setting goals like that is a really great idea @Bee, and thank you for making this thread so we can all try to do the same!


My goals would be to apply to a couple of internships I've been avoiding, and to prepare for my tutoring classes.   

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Re: Weekly GOALS!

Thank you for this thread @Bee! Setting goals are great to help you get things done, but it can be so hard to actually do them. I know for me, that if I tell people, I'll be more likely to do it.
So for this week, my goal is to book my last driving lesson so that my test can be booked.

Re: Weekly GOALS!

This is awsome!


 I am going to learn how to bow the violin properly this week and im going to apply for 2 jobs!






Hey @j95 feel like setting some goals? Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly GOALS!

yeah @Stealth_ninja i have a few ideas but i understand i can't try them all or that might too hard


- Turn 5 negative thoughts about myself into 5 affirmations - write these down somewhere

-Go to work everyday

- Attend an event I'm anxious about over the weekend, even if I just pop in for half an hour

- Swim 1km again

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Re: Weekly GOALS!

@Stealth_ninja @j95 those are some awesome goals you both have! Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Weekly GOALS!

I think those are some great goals @j95!

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Re: Weekly GOALS!

Hey everyone!

Goal setting is great. I personally find that setting small goals or breaking a bigger goal into smaller parts is one way to maximise motovation. I find if a task is too 'big' or 'hard', I try to break it down into something where my brain says "well okay, I can give that a go!".

A daily goal: I have a super big drink bottle for this very goal setting reason.. perfect opportunity! My daily goal is to drink the minimum of 2 litres of water. I want to do it for my skin and because it's good for you.. BUT because see that thing empty (it's 2.2 litres haha) at the end of the day makes me feel like a boss 😎

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