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I've been working on making various stuff recently, for example my new phone case:



I don't really know if anyone else here's into DIY and craft stuff, but I thought it'd be kinda cool to have a thread for it if anyone else wants to join in.

(in part to "steal" everyone's ideas Smiley Tongue)

Re: DIY-ing

Ooooh @Tiny_leaf that is so cool!! I haven't really done much DIY (except I went through a phase of making Christmas cards with my mum, I suppose) but it's something I'm keen to explore! Smiley Happy


What other stuff have you made/do you want to make? 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: DIY-ing

That is very cool @Tiny_leaf ,

I hope you post a photo when it is finished!


I haven't done a craft project in ages but I once spent a summer decorating a heap of jars with glitter and mod podge to hold my makeup brushes.


Your photo has made me maybe want to start another project. Do you have a suggestion for someone with beginner DIY abilities?

Re: DIY-ing

@Tiny_leaf I love your creative instincts! DIY is the best and I love a good DIY craft activity Smiley Happy I am really big into making my own christmas decorations, jewellery and other bits and bobs!


Would love to see more of your DIY projects!


Going to tag a bunch of other fellow creatives who might have some DIY ideas too @N1ghtW1ng @Bee @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @ErinsAntics @Bananatime04 



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Re: DIY-ing

@letitgo I've made a lot of stim toys.


This one's going to be a weighted hedgehog lap pad, I made him out of a car sponge and some gravel, I just need to add eyes and reinforce him a bit.


At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to make some knee pads. Because my legs hate me, I spend a lot of time crawling and kneeling to get around the house, so I kinda need something to make that easier.

Re: DIY-ing

@Tasi ooh, that sounds fun!!


A fairly easy one if you have pliers is a marble pendant, you just need a marble and some wire (I personally just de-fluffed some pipe cleaners that were lying around)

WIN_20190610_17_22_39_Pro (2).jpg

Here's a closer up view thanks to a random internet human:

Image result for marble pendant diy wire wrapped

If you're interested, I can find the instructions. Smiley Happy

Re: DIY-ing

Thanks @Jess1-RO!

Re: DIY-ing

@Tiny_leaf  Wow!! I love that you make your own stim toys. I've never even thought about that - do you take something from making the toys as well as using them? 

Re: DIY-ing

What a great idea @Tiny_leaf! I am terrible at DIY and anything crafty but I love to see what other people can make!

Re: DIY-ing

Ohhhh @Tiny_leaf that looks so pretty!! I did a class in highschool were we got to make jewelry so if I can find some pliers I might give that a go!


That would also be a good DIY as a present! I think DIY presents are such a nice gift!


Do you know what your next project will be after your phone case?