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Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

@celestialdreamer  I've heard of morning pages too! I've never tried it myself though. Here is a resource explaining how to do them if anyone is interested. Has anyone heard of any other journaling techniques?
I also like the idea of having a random thoughts notebook! I tried to start a page in one of my notebooks just for random thoughts and questions. Planning different activities is a good idea too!

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!


Has anyone ever composed vows to themselves in their journal? I tried doing this in a notebook today.
It could be a good idea for a future Weekly Wellbeing. Smiley Happy

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

Does anyone else enjoy making their own journalling templates?
I have been trying to use spreadsheets and custom journalling apps to make logs that I can just enter information in every day.

Here are some templates I have made so far:
- Life Satisfaction/Review - ratings of areas of my life, and noting which areas need more attention, less attention, areas that are okay right now and things I can delegate or stop doing.
- A mood tracker
- A medical test tracker
- An appointment log
- An online shopping tracker
- A self-care log - 'What Did I do For Self-Care?', the type of self-care, how it made me feel, whether I would do it again and a rating of it.
- Top five priorities for a day, week, month, year, or project and their status (not yet started, started, complete, migrated or cancelled), a ranking of their difficulty and time commitment and a reward for meeting them.
- A review/reflection where I talk about the good, okay and bad aspects of a day, week, month or project.
- A shopping list with categories
- A project/goal tracker
- A decision aid
- Meeting notes - the date and time of a meeting, attendees, meeting objectives, notes and action items.
- Webinar notes
- Restaurant review - the name of the restaurant, the address, the type of cuisine, whether they offer delivery or takeaway, favourite menu items, notes and a rating of how much I liked the restaurant.

I'd love to hear other ideas! Smiley Happy

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

@WheresMySquishy  I'm actually new to journaling, but it's something I really want into the habit of doing because I know it'll be a tremendous help to my mental health. But the posts here are blowing my mind! Everyone is so creative with how they journal and all the different ways to go about it. I'm definitely going to try and incorporate some of these ideas! 

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

@WheresMySquishy wow these are great ides! I'm thinking to add a list of restaurants to try. I have a few lists on my phone but I haven't transferred them to my planner yet:



-what I want to do when this pandemic is over

-motivational quotes

-my previous addresses Smiley LOL I have moved too many times and it's always a pain to fill in forms lol

-my sizes for different clothing shops

-gift ideas for myself and others. I'm that person that doesn't know what I want when asked Smiley Tongue

-fun things to do (instead of being on my phone all day)

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

I'm digging up this thread again because I want to show you guys what's probably my favourite part of my life right now Smiley Very Happy


A few days ago I went for a walk with a work friend after we'd closed up for the day. Lately we've been working together on kinda like a casual project of getting me to open up to him, because we both know that I'm a very private person and I often hold things in too much. When we were saying goodbye, figuring out when we were working together next (a whole week away!) etc he told me to journal my feelings over the week and show it to him if I want to. I told him I loved the idea and I'd surely forget about it, but actually it stuck with me! So I picked up a little notebook on my way home and I've been writing and drawing in it every day. Here's the first couple of pages:


Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

@squiggly  Your handwriting and artwork is beautiful! Smiley Happy
The notebook will surely be amazing to look back on over the years. That's one of my favourite aspects of keeping a journal.

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

Thank you @WheresMySquishySmiley Very Happy I've been really trying to improve my handwriting lately so it makes me really happy that you think it's beautiful <3 And having it as something to look back on is definitely a big point in me writing this! I give this friend little doodles every day we work together and he recently told me he keeps all of them, and looks through them and smiles every now and then and my heart seriously exploded when he told me that Smiley Tongue So I want to keep giving him more and more things that'll make him smile, it's a really nice feeling knowing I can do that.

Re: Journal, Diary and Planner Lovers!

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on using stickers in planners and diaries. Smiley Happy
Do you enjoy using stickers for decoration or for function?
Do you enjoy using a few stickers or a lot?