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What did you have for dinner?

Since there is a "What did you have for breakfast?" thread, I decided to make one just for dinner!

Last night I had two slices of pizza along with chicken breast with curry and frozen veggies.


What did you guys have for dinner?

Re: What did you have for dinner?

That sounds deliciousssss @hunginc ! Last night I am ashamed to admit I had a packet ramen for dinner Cat LOL time escaped me and it was too late to make anything else! But also i love packet ramen, i find it so comforting.

Do you like cooking @hunginc ?

Re: What did you have for dinner?

@Hannah-RO Not really. I like to spend as little time as possible cooking. My staples are usually canned tuna/chicken/salmon with canned tomatoes or frozen veggies that I can put in the microwave, haha.

Re: What did you have for dinner?

Last night I had homemade dumplings, they go down an absolute treat in this houses 

Re: What did you have for dinner?

Yay for another food thread! I'm about to make dinner now, making crab pasta and prawns in whatever sauce I can make. Gotta check what's left in the fridge first Smiley Tongue And I had salmon last night, it was yum!

Re: What did you have for dinner?

I got some Japanese from Uber eats, teriyaki chicken! Wasn’t too bad. I miss eating out in restaurants though 😭

Re: What did you have for dinner?

mmmm Smiley Very Happy i love food and everything people have said so far has sounded so good!


I just had some eggs since i wasn't so hungry tonight, but i have some lasagna to have for later if i get hungry Smiley Very Happy 

Re: What did you have for dinner?

i had two cheese toasties so tasty and delicious melt in your mouth worthy 

Re: What did you have for dinner?

@hunginc sounds super tasty! 


I had takeaway pizza - the ortolana pizza was my fav Smiley Very Happy

My family also likes to have a side of gnocchi napoli, this way you can dip the pizza crusts in the napoli sauce! Highly recommend! 

Re: What did you have for dinner?

oh my gosh this thread such a delight, peeps are eating the most lovely sounding foods! I have to enquire about the crab pasta @November13, that sounds so delicious! I love crab so much.

Also @belski lovin that idea of getting the gnocchi and dipping your pizza crusts in, I had pizza the other day and was thinking how great it would have been to have had a sauce for the crusts!


I had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night, the meatballs were from IKEA. 

 spaghetti lol GIF by Justin Gammon