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Feeling terrible

So the title this had in my mind was a mix between a groan and a scream but I feel like "Aaauuurrggghhh" might have been too alarming for what is mostly just a lot of discomfort.


But my period, a cold, and a new medication have all started on the same day and it's a lot.

(Just to clarify, I'm somewhere with no community transmission so it's definitely just a cold)

Anyway it's all merged with my asthma and tiredness and pain.


And because I've got nothing better to do and am a bit miserable I think I'm literally just coming here for sympathy.

Because Smiley Sad

Re: Feeling terrible

Ahhh @Tiny_leaf , sometimes days like this happen- things snowball together and we can be buried under- I know I and many others have been there. It sucks, and you have my sympathy, and empathy! Hopefully you feel better and recover from your cold and period pain- is there something that you find particularly helpful?

As for your mood, I recommend checking out the games section of the forum or the mental health section of the fun! Always a good little pick me up to be had there! It's fairly low energy too, so it's a good one to do when you are tired/ experiencing discomfort.


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Re: Feeling terrible

Hey @Tiny_leaf 

Sorry to hear that you're having a not so great day. Like @Tay100 mentioned, these days do unfortunately happen and I have certainly been there too. Its perfectly fine for everyone to need some sympathy from time to time and you have mine too. Luckily days like this do pass so take care of yourself as best you can for the time being. I know for me It helps to practice self care and look after myself as best I can. Whether it be reading a book or cosying up and watching a movie, anything which can help distract me from the discomfort is always great. Do you have any usual self care activities which you might be able to use?

I hope you day turns out better Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling terrible

Hey @Tiny_leaf that all sounds so crap Smiley Sad That is a lot of different things compounding leading to feeling very unpleasant and miserable indeed! 

You are always welcome to vent here, and we're here to listen and provide cute healing gifs  

puppy emerging GIF

(is this dog real?)

Hope you feel better asap @Tiny_leaf ! Heart

Re: Feeling terrible

Ouch that does sound terrible. I hope you're all snuggled up and getting some rest. It's terrible when things have to happen at the same time. Take care and hope you feel better soon!

Re: Feeling terrible

I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad @Tiny_leaf. Smiley Sad All of those things happening at the same time is such bad timing.
I hope you feel better soon! Heart

What have you been doing to look after yourself during this time?

Re: Feeling terrible

Thank you everyone..


I'm starting to recover but my body hates viruses....

Like I got FND after I got the flu and now whenever I get sick I get really bad nerve pain.


So I've been getting a lot of sleep and painkillers and cold medicine over the last two days.

Re: Feeling terrible

@Tiny_leaf No worries at all!


I'm sorry to hear about the nerve pain, that can really suck! Hopefully, painkillers and sleep do the trick for you!


Re: Feeling terrible

Dad yelled at me for not spending enough time with Leo (aside from my normal issues I've also been really sick recently) he then (I think) accidentally locked me and Leo outside and left for work. I'm inside now, but only because of how easy it is to "break in" to our house.

My new NDIS plan was due a while ago. There's been no news on it and I really need more support.

I've lost my phone so I can't text my parents. I might see if I can email mum at some point though.

I don't really want to be here.

Re: Feeling terrible

I'm so sorry to hear that @Tiny_leaf , that sounds like a really crappy start to the day Smiley Sad I'm glad you were able to break back in though... How is Leo doing? 


I'm really sorry that you're feeling like you don't want to be here. Is there anything we can do to help support you today? Heart 


I hope that your new NDIS plan gives you the support you need and deserve, it sounds like it can be a stressful and frustrating process, and i hope you at least get the new plan soon so you know what you're working with.  Do you have anything planned for the rest of the day? If you feel like some online distraction, I was actually going to tag you earlier in this, it gave me a bit of a lift on a crappy day on the weekend - the world comedy wildlife photo awards. I love that it is a thing. 



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