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I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

I was just hoping that maybe someone would talk to me for a bit ... or at all. I have just self-harmed, and I want to be able to stop it, but I can't talk to anyone who is around me at the moment because I don't want to upset them. Even just typing this post, I feel like it will just be a nuisance to everyone else, or that I will upset someone. I have attempted suicide before, and I am honestly scared that I will try again soon, if I can't find someone to talk to. I have tried going to places like Head Space and have contemplated calling helpline, but I can never quite convince myself to look for help with a professional. It's just too overwhelming. I just need a friend that will talk to me normally and in a casual way about how I'm feeling. I'm not really sure if this is the type of thing this site is for, but if anyone is willing to just talk, that would be great.

Re: I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

Hey @Zero Melody, welcome to RO!

It sounds pretty difficult at the moment. Do you think it would be helpful to speak to someone who's around you about what's going on for you at the moment? If there's someone who you have asked for help before could you possibly ask them again?

Regarding helplines there are also multiple ways to contact them so you might find one that makes you feel a bit more comfortable. I know Kids Helpline has en email service, a phone service and a web chat service if you'd be interested in checking one out.

Re: I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

Hello @Zero Melody

Firstly, welcome to the Reach Out forums! Smiley Happy I'm glad you reached out (pun intended Smiley Tongue) and you are definitely not a nuisance!

It's good that you understand that you may need help. I was in the same position a few years back, I knew I needed some help but was petrified to go get it. I just trusted my instinct and went for it and asked my GP for a mental health care plan. (I started crying whilst I asked... haha- but she understood) And it's been much better!

Perhaps a starting point would be calling or emailing kids help line. It is a little scary but it may be a bit of a kick start and perhaps they can help lead you to the next step.

We are always down for a good chat here. So feel free to stay in touch!

Re: I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

Hey @Zero Melody I just saw your post and I'm very concerned about how you're doing right now. You can definitely chat with us here and I'm going to send you an email as well. Calling a helpline can be really scary but the counselors who work there are best able to help you with going through distressing times. 


Can you please tell me if you're living by yourself or if there are other people around you? And can you tell me if for now you're safe?


I hope to chat with you more here. RO is here to listen.

Re: I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

Hey @Zero Melody just a follow-up to my original reply. I know it's hard to call for help but I would really like you to consider calling one of the following services. They also have webchat options if that's easier for you:


Lifeline 13 11 14

Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800

Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467


Hope to hear back from you here.

Re: I need a friend, because none of mine will listen.

Hi @Zero Melody,


I just want you to know that you're not alone and I'm really glad you reached out here. It's hard to find someone you can trust to talk to about this stuff. And it is totally understandable that you are hesitant about contacting a professional. I was once in a similar position. However, I found that if I held it in and tried to manage it all on my own, I didn't do so well. I too have attempted suicide and thought about it alot and gone to hospital. It can be scary and I felt so embarrassed and alone, even with people helping me. But talking about it is the first step. And it sounds like you're really working hard to get some support, so well done! Smiley Happy 


I'm not here to tell you that I can fix whatever problem you are dealing with, but I'll be here to listen and support you the best that I can. And if that means that we just chat about any old thing, like you're favourite movie or what you are doing today, then I'll be around. 


Take care xD

Thank you, and an update on the situation. : )

Thank you so much everybody for the comments that you've left! They are very inspiring and it makes me feel so much better to know that there are people here I can talk to.

You'll be happy to hear that when my mum came in to wake me up for school today, I gathered up the courage to tell her what I'd done. She was very supportive and we went to the doctor to get the self harm looked at. I took the day off school, and am feeling much better at the moment. : )

Sorry for not being able to reply straight away when you were worried about me, after we got home again, I basically went straight to bed and slept. >u<

Re: Thank you, and an update on the situation. : )

Hey @Zero Melody that is so good to hear, well done! Sounds like your Mum was a good support then?

Just had to do a quick edit of your post, we need to try and avoid method of self harm on the forums just being mindful of other members on the site Smiley Happy Guidelines are here.


Did you get a good night's sleep?

Ah! I'm sorry. I hope I didn't upset anyone, and I'll be...

Ah! I'm sorry. I hope I didn't upset anyone, and I'll be mindful not to state method again. I'm really sorry. : (

My mum has been a great support. She has always been one of my closest friends, and it's really nice to know that she's here for me still. : )

Unfortunately, I didn't sleep very well last night. It was about 4 o'clock in the morning that I ended up getting to bed, so I'm really grateful for the day off. I was hoping to get some work done on schoolwork that's been stressing me out, but I think I needed the sleep more X)

Re: Ah! I'm sorry. I hope I didn't upset anyone, and I'll be...

Well done @Zero Melody. It takes guts to do what you just did and rest sounds like what you need right now. It seems like a great time for you to start taking some time out for yourself and practicing some self-care too. What do you like to do? It's okay to take some time away from school to first look after yourself. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, playing sport and having a nice long shower. 


Smiley Happy