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Unread Letters

Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but haven't been able to, say the timming is wrong or you just can't get it out?

Or maybe they don't want to listen? Here is a place to wriste these letters and get it off our chest.


We had this in the old forums and people used to come up with some very inspiring, encouraging, hopefull and even funny letters.

We had letters to ourself, to the weather, and of course people in our everyday lives. We also had letters to procastination, to animals, to inanimate objects - esp those that just weren't behaving themselves Smiley Tongue



I found this was a great exercise to do when trying to find the confidence or boost or little extra something to go and tell someone what I thought. I also found it was a great way to boost my own self confidence up and to make myself realise that okay while things might be looking dull there is never rain without a rainbow.


I find writting letters to people can be soothing and can actually help me figure out problems and put my self on a better track. For example recently I started off writting an email to my KHL counsellor, it ended up being 7 pages long! Of course I wasn't going to send it and left it. But in that process I realised that the simple act of just writting everything down that was in my head helped. It was no longer ruminating inside my mind or dragging my mood down. It allowed me time to get it out and think about things one by one in an order that I saw matched up.



So I guess that now is where we take it on board ourselves and write our very own unread letter Smiley Happy


Dear Weather,

Hey it's supposed to be spring yeah? You gave me warm going hot weather for a while and now you've given me a cold snap, what's with that? I'm not impressed with having to dig our my winter woolies again just because I feel like I'm sitting in a freezer when in actual fact I'm in sitting full sunlight... please warm up a little - it'd be much appreciatedSmiley Happy

Sincerly, Bee

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear brain,


Go to sleep!



Re: Unread Letters

Dear self,


I know you desperately want to be on holidays but there's still a few weeks to go. I would appreciate it if you could get some studying done today so I can pass this unit. 


Thanks in advance.




Re: Unread Letters

Dear Psych


Thanks for bulk billing me- I really appreciate it!! Smiley Very Happy



Re: Unread Letters

Definitely agree with lightuptheworld

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Teacher,
Please hurry up and come back to school. Not really impressed with you missing our first week of year 12 drama! I'm hanging out for a drama lesson and the exercises you come up with. And I'm keen to get my marks for my year 11 monologue Smiley Very Happy
No pressure or anything Smiley Tongue
Year 12 drama student


Dear Science teacher,
You now have half clean dog tags, make you tell your wife it was because of your lovely year 12 senior science class Smiley Tongue
Ejoy their shinyness

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear brain,


Seriously, you need to do this assignment. You are not allowed any strawberry licorice until you've written at least 400 words.


We will then negotiate further deals.


That is all.


PS. Watching Vampire Diaries is not conducive to your assignment getting done. 

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Self 


Be proud of yourself you are such an amazing person and have grown over the last year. Don't let anyone bring you down Smiley Happy 





**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Unread Letters

Dear D


Thanks for being awesomme and helping me with SOR and Society. You're the best!

I've bought you a teapot(no, it's not orange! Smiley Tongue)

See you soon! Smiley Happy

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Brain


Please be quiet for at least a few days i need to get some study done and not sit there listing to you all talk!

I would greatly appreciate it if this would be a possiblity in the future say the next few days. I need to finish this unit for tafe so please get motivation for study also thanks =)