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Creativity / Community Art

So recently we had our community art chalenges,which were awesome! (even though I only did 2 of them) I loved seeing everyone's art and it inspired me to do a couple. In our last thread a few users were talking about having an art thread, I thought I'd take the initiative and make it tonight, as Ive been  feeling rather arty tonight! haha.


Links to our community challenges #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 


Without further ado, show us what You've been working on we'd love to see it.



I'm going to start off and post tonight's work. I was feeling frustrated, and for once felt like expressing it creatively. I just did a simple tree to get me back into painting as I haven't painted for years! Here's the result Smiley Happy


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Re: Creativity / Community Art

So awesome that you started this thread @Bee ! I'm loving your tree, especially all the different shades in the branches - it makes it look like there's some kind of light shining on it so some parts are darker then others. If you do any more paintings then you should definitely share them, I'd love to see them!


I'm definitely not an artist of any sort, but I use to get a little bit creative with The Sims a few years back (my game had so many mods, downloads and hacks that it easily took half an hour to load!) Here's a screenshot from my game, can't remember what the sim was called though ): Sorry it's a little fuzzy, had to resize it so it would fit the thread, haha.





Re: Creativity / Community Art

Steal a person's idea next time. Smiley Tongue This is the finished version of artwork in one of the art challenges. Sorry about the shadow of the photo and also good to note that this is uploaded from my phone.


finished version



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Re: Creativity / Community Art



im not sure which is more friggin awesome - this thread or your tree?


Re: Creativity / Community Art

@stonepixie  & @KitKat i am loving your creativity.


makes me want to add something of my own sometime soon!


Re: Creativity / Community Art

this thread rulessssssssssssss!

Re: Creativity / Community Art

@KitKat thanks! I wanted to start with something simple to grasp and get my head around before jumping into something more complex and just getting overwhelmed....

@stonepixie I didn't mean to Smiley Happy It was a cool idea. I can credit you and the other users if you want? My tree is also uploaded from my phone!

@lanejane haha! When I read this is brightened my day. Reading it now, makes me look back at my tree and actually appreciate it! Thank you!

No more art from me yet. But I have a couple ideas! One which I'm not entirely sure how to do/am too scared incase it doesn't fit my vision.... But we'll see Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Creativity / Community Art

@Bee you haven't painted in years? Seriously? That is so cool!!!! Same with yours @stonepixie ! And I love the sims picture @KitKat it's also cool Smiley Happy


I thought I would upload my drawings, they're freehand but I basically just copied a screenshot from the show, or a book. I'm not very good. 


This girl, << that girl right there is the first drawing I did. In, oh close to ever. I am immensly proud of how well she turned out. Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy And the smudging of the shadows, that was a total accident because I'm lefthanded! So I went with it because it looked cool. Smiley Tongue




The little heads were completely freehand, no guide except memory. I got lazy and forgot to colour Zuko's hair, I can fix it maybe never. I tried to make the name styles fit (that's why Katara is cursive) but I ultimately failed with that goal. Oh well! Smiley Very Happy 



There's my baby! I love drawing Toph, because I can. But I'll get the others! I tried another Katara, twice, the other day but she didn't work out. I dunno but I'm trying!



So.... what do you guys think? I left out my Sokka and Katara because they really are terrible. My unfinished Aang got taken over with other stuff and my unfinished Toph is still unfinished. But... it's cool right?

Re: Creativity / Community Art

@N1ghtW1ng OMGGGGG dem skills.



Re: Creativity / Community Art

loving this so much!!!

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