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Re: right now I am....

Right now I am...

Bored in class thinking about my friend, she say's she is depressed sometimes but I really can't tell because of how many times she's said it. It feels like it's just one of those joke kind of things but I am just not sure how she is. 

#Worried Smiley Indifferent

Re: right now I am....

Hey @Animallover2003 


It can be hard to know if people are joking about their emotions or not. I think lots of people use humour as a way to cope - which is a good thing. It still helps to have a friend check in with though. 


If you are worried for your friend we have an article here on how to help a friend with depression. It might be helpful to read Smiley Happy 

Re: right now I am....

Right now I'm so worried because I have many tests to study and things. Like, In long-distances everyone's knows communication is the best thing but as for me, my boyfriend can't talk to me because he also has a lot of exams in his country. We both can't contact each other because of our parents. 

I was also kicked by a shop where I worked because I'm not too quick and I'm shy. Because of that, I feel so depressed for my universities interviews, which are exactly 10 months far from now. 

Re: right now I am....

Hi @Pixieniki 


Sounds like you're going through a hard time at the moment Smiley Sad. I also noticed your a new user. I'm glad you joined ReachOut and spoke up about your feelings - that takes a lot of courage. Being unable to talk to you boyfriend must be really hard. 


If you don't mind me asking - what do you mean when you say you got kicked by a shop where you worked? 


Also, since your a new user I'd encourage you to read our community guidelines here.  These guidelines are set to ensure that reachout is a safe space for everyone, so we ask all users to abide by them. Have a read when you can. Thanks Heart


Re: right now I am....

I mean after training, he asked me not to come from next day 

Re: right now I am....

That's really rough @Pixieniki. Smiley Sad I've gone through similar experiences. I've also been made redundant from a few positions and it was so disheartening. It's hard to find loyal employers. I've learned that the problem is usually with them and not to take things personally.
I believe that you are entitled to be paid for your training according to the Fair Work guidelines.

University interviews can be so hard too. I'm going through an interview process for some courses at the moment. I had three interviews this year and I've been rejected from two of them and haven't heard back from one yet, despite giving some really great answers and having what I thought was a good resume and academic transcript. I even received good feedback from the interviewers and was told I was a very strong candidate. I personally find it really sad when people with less experience and grades than you are selected. Sometimes, I think it has to do with the perceived 'fit' between the applicant and university or other factors rather than the strength of your application. I was told by current students that sometimes it can just come down to luck.
If you don't get in this year, I'm sure there are other options. I was rejected last year and I decided to build my resume by doing other courses and volunteer work. This year, if I don't get in, I'm hoping to use my volunteer experience to get a paid job. You can always apply again in the future. Many of the current students I've spoken to were a lot older than me when they were accepted and a lot of them had changed careers along the way.

Re: right now I am....

I am bored tired and sore.
My knee has an ache like pain in it, and has been there all night. I was up late last night, and regretted staying awake that long. And I'm just plain bored cuz it's holidays.

Re: right now I am....

How are you feeling now @xXLexi_Lou122Xx? What happened to your knee? I am a night owl but sometimes I regret staying awake late too! I usually wake up feeling not-so-fresh... Holidays being boring is definitely a vibe. Maybe you can share what you have been up to over the holidays on your thread? Feel free to tag me!

Re: right now I am....

I'm not too bad @Taylor-RO. Still very tired, and now a bit nervous to go on the plane for my holiday to Sydney.

I hate heights! The highest I will go is to the top of a rockclimbing wall or high ropes course.

My knee is okay, probably just sore from all the running around I've done. And holidays are always like this for me. Boring, with the occasional activity planned.

I think I've already tagged you before... or you found it yourself... But okay!