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Today's my birthday but i'm very lonely since i've got no people in my life to celebrate the occassion with me or even wish me one, what could i do to make my occasion happy and a worthwhile one?

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Hey @Agenderandproudofit, happy birthday! 

Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely and don't have anyone to celebrate with, we would love to celebrate here with you ! (as would this cat)

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Birthdays can be very strange and sometimes sad and disappointing. Sometimes when I've felt down on my birthdays I've tried to watch a cute tv show, or eat something yum, or have a bath - all things I really enjoy. Or I've treated myself to time-off from uni work, or getting dinner delivered. Is there something like that that you could do that you like? 


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Happiest birthday to you! Heart

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Happy birthday @Agenderandproudofit, hope you have a great day!

Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely, like @Hannah-RO said it can often be an odd day. My sister will often have these feelings on her birthday as well so you're not alone. 

Use the day to pamper and treat yourself however you can, formal partying and celebrations are not needed to make it a great day. Just do something that makes you genuinely happy, self care can go a long way. I think the suggestions made by @Hannah-RO are a great place to start. Personally I would be ordering in my favourite food and watching a movie!

Hope your day goes well!!

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Aww @Agenderandproudofit it sucks feeling lonely, let alone on your birthday. Even though it's a tough day for you, if you can, take a moment to reflect on all the things you are proud of in your life. I can name one based off your username - being proud of being Asexual! 


Wishing you a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I really hope your next lap around the sun is filled with celebration, happiness and fun. 


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If you need people to chat to throughout the day we have your back Heart 

Re: Birthday

Hi @Agenderandproudofit

First of all, a big happy birthday to you! You have all of us here to help celebrate with you! Heart

You're not alone in this feeling, I've felt this way for many of my birthdays Smiley Sad. Like others have said, is there anything special you could do to treat yourself today? Whether it's letting yourself eat a whole tub of ice cream, or just letting yourself have a break from work or watching your favourite movie! 

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Hey @Agenderandproudofit I'm sorry you're feeling this way, we're here for you if you need to talk to anyone. I think the others have already made lots of great suggestions on how to make your birthday a memorable occasion, and last but certainly not least -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! HeartHeartHeart


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Agenderandproudofit! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry that you haven't got anyone to share your special day with. Smiley Sad
What's something nice that you can do for yourself today?

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@Agenderandproudofit everyone has some really good suggestions but I just want to say happy birthday!!

Re: Birthday

@Hannah-RO @sunnygirl606 @Guitarman97 @Bre-RO @Hozzles @featuringme @WheresMySquishy @Tiny_leaf Thank you all for the birthday wishes really made my day ❤