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Emotion game

Hi everyone!

For the purpose of this game, players list an emotion/ feeling (let's say 'happy' as an example) and the next player has to list the way that emotion:


1. Tastes

2. Smells

3. Looks

4. Feels

5. Sounds to them.


For instance, to me happiness:

1. Tastes like an ice cream sundae

2. Smells like a fragrant rose

3. Looks like a sunset over the ocean

4. Feels like a giant hug

5. Sounds like birds singing.


Next emotion/feeling is appreciation


Re: Emotion game

Awesome idea!



1. Tastes like a piece of chocolate after a hard day's work

2. Smells like the sweet nectar of a flower

3. Looks like a great big bear hug

4. Feels like a warm fuzzy teddy bear

5. Sounds like the laughing of two friends.


Next emotion: Trusting

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like a piece of chocolate fed to me blindfolded (very trusting exercise!)

2. Smells like a home cooked meal

3. Looks like my lovely family

4. Feels like spending the day with those I love

5. Sounds like a room full of laughter


Next emotion: Grief


Re: Emotion game


1. Tastes like your favourite food gone rotten.
2. Smells like the bitter sweet smell of cocoa.
3. Looks like the darkness of a gloomy day.
4. Feels like crushing pressure on your chest.
5. Sounds like a room full of people crying.

Re: Emotion game

Next emotion: Love

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like a lolly pop

2. Smells like a boquet of roses

3. Looks like a Nicholas Sparks novel

4. Feels like silk

5. Sounds like a crackling fire


Next emotion/feeling is excitement



Re: Emotion game


1. Tastes like crackling candy
2. Smells like fire
3. Looks like fireworks
4. Feels like butterflies in your stomach
5. Sounds like a crowd roaring

Next emotion: worry

Re: Emotion game

Tastes like.... metal

Smells like.... rancid milk

Looks like... ants crawling everywhere.  

Feels like....a huge ball of glue

Sounds like.... a broken record


Next: Rage


Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like sour worms

2. Smells like rubber off a tire

3. Looks like a crowd of people throwing glass

4. Feels like an explosion

5. Sounds like the roar of a lion


Next emotion: Boredom

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like bland vegetables

2. Smells like a stuffy room

3. Looks like a study desk

4. Feels flat

5. Sounds like a yawn


Next feeling is astonished