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Inspired Usernames

Hey everyone Smiley Happy 


There are so many awesome usernames and I always think.. hmm what does that mean... so I thought I would ask What was your inspiration?


My inspiration was that it matches my personality - a bit cool and a bit wierd but very interesting and that's who I am. 


Your turn Smiley Happy

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Re: Inspired Usernames

Oh! Oh! I've been waiting for someone to ask what mine means! No has asked yet! can that be?!?!

My name, is indeed, Latin, for time Smiley Happy.

I love the concept of time and I wanted to honor the language in which our langauge is derived

Re: Inspired Usernames

Great thread idea Ruenhonx! So did you make up your username yourself? I'm definitely not that clever. It's very cool and quirky.

@Tempus: Oh, of course! That makes sense now that I know. What a cool idea for a username! I wouldn't have thought of doing something like that either.


My username came about because I was looking for two adjectives with which I would describe myself. I've long been known to family and friends as a dreamer (and I am one!), so I knew I wanted to include that, but on most websites just 'dreamer' on it's own as a username is already taken, so I wanted another word starting with D that I could put in front. After a bit of googling I settled on delicate, because my anxiety did (and still does at times) make me feel like I was a bit delicate.

Re: Inspired Usernames

Cool thread idea!


Mine is an old nickname people used to (and sometimes still do) call me. It's a bit strange, because it doesn't really mean anything - the story isn't even that great - so I like to make up a new story every time someone asks, it keeps things interesting.

Re: Inspired Usernames

Awesome idea Ruenhonx! Smiley Happy 


I'm loving reading everyone's explanations! Smiley Very Happy


My username Lightuptheworld came about because with the shift to the new forums I wanted a bit of a change from the user name I had been using. So I thought about a few things that I like and colour is one of them. Whilst I don't mind the contrast of black or white I really like colour and the way it can be inspiring and motivating and cheerful. I guess it's a way of saying there's a light, hope out there somewhere. I think I've started rambling a bit too much but I think you get my point. Smiley Happy 

Re: Inspired Usernames

@Tempus - You are prob one of the people I wanted to know the meaning of your username and its awesome. I love your inspiration. 

@DD - Well rue is part of my name and nhonx was because my name isnt cool enough and this had a bit of a kick in it which I liked Smiley Happy Thank you. Wow I love how you added elements of who you are to ur name, thats amazing always wanted to know what ur name meant as well 

@Magga - So share your story with us?? 

@LUTW - I love your name its so inspirational and reminds me each time why I do what I do Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Inspired Usernames

Well, my username isn't more original than what I am really called in real life. BUT my avatar was once upon a time my nickname. I guess Dory was so close to the personality I use to have in year 8, I like having that fish represent what I do on the forums.

Re: Inspired Usernames

@Ruenhonx: What an awesome idea for a thread! I also love the meaning behind your username, I've always wondered how it originated...

@Tempus: Ahh that's cool! I like the idea behind representing time

@DelicateDreamer: I've always loved your username! I've always thought it to be so original. I also love how both parts start with a 'D' Smiley Happy

@Magga: Can you share your story? I'm intruged... makes me think of how a couple kids 2 years below me were once calling me Bob...

@Lightuptheworld: That's so really cool, colours are so inspiring hey?

@Doris: Dory! Of course! I remember that avatar! I loved it, for some reason it seemed to fit Doris-Dory.. I don't it always made sense to me. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" Smiley Tongue

I don't actually know what inspired my username. We've have the repesentation of bees before and that's all that comes to mind. I'll think about this and come and reply latter Smiley Happy


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Re: Inspired Usernames

@Bee - I like your username too, I kinda assumed it had something too do with being a bee lol Smiley Happy 

@Doris - I lyk Dory, she was always so happy n positive. Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Inspired Usernames

@Ruenhonx: How do you pronounce yours?

There are many usernames I see pop-up (here especially) that I think are wonderful and have forced me into a little 'how did I not think of that?' moment.

I could write a paragraph on how I came to pick my username, I'll give you the short and condensed version though.

The short and condensed version:

I like birds, I have eyes, they have eyes, and well, a birds eye view came to mind at the time.