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Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

I'm obsessed with medical shows and scifi
House is fantastic. And you can never beat Stargate and startrek.
Dark matter and the red band society is what I'm currently watching
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Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

On Netflix:

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Degrassi: Next Class

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



Designated Survior

Open Heart

Master of None




In general:

Saving Hope

The IT Crowd

The Office (US version)



Degrassi: Next Generation



Parks and Rec


Yes I have a lot of time on my hands haha!


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

@redhead I LOVED Red Band Society I was so sad when it go cancelled after only one season! You NEED to check out Saving Hope and Open Heart Smiley Happy I am not a fan of medical TV shows but Saving Hope gives me all the feels and I love the supernatural spirit/ghost element to it.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

I have been absolutely obsessed with Wynonna Earp. Binged the first season over the weekend and I'm catching up on the second right now. It's hilarious and cheesy but so good Smiley Happy

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

Wanted to revive this thread because after watching the series finale of Game of Thrones, I don't know TV shows I should watch now (particularly since I'm approaching the end of uni semester soon!). Anyone got any suggestions on what I should watch?

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Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

@Esperanza67  I saw the finale too Smiley Very Happy amazing! Oddly satisfying. Did you like it? It made me cry in so many parts and then comic relief Smiley Very Happy 


I think shows that could be good but I have no idea if you'll like them - but I'd say:


The 100

Once upon a time

Chilling adventures of Sabrina



I haven't seen it yet but maybe the Shadow hunter series from mortal instruments? I'm not going to see it until I read the books though. 

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

My feelings about the GoT finale were actually mixed @mspaceK. Like you, I also enjoyed the comic relief, but I felt like the writing (much like this season) was pretty poor than usual and so some parts of the story were rushed. Therefore, I felt there needed to be 2 more seasons to tie everything up nicely. Oh well, I'll see what George R. R. Martin's take on the ending once he finished writing the book series (speaking of which, WHEN are the next books going to be released? Haha)

I've actually finished watching the latest part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina haha... but thanks for the suggestion anyways! I have seen the Shadowhunter series because I was a big fan of the books, but after watching a few episodes I still prefer the books haha (the books are really good by the way!)

But I'll be definitely be looking into The 100, Once Upon a Time and Broadchurch! Thanks for your suggestions!
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

Hey @Esperenza67!

I don't really know...
I recently watched Hairspray, but that was a movie/musical...

I don't really watch tv. But when I do, it's usually what my siblings are watching. Usually 'All Hail King Julian' or 'Nailed it or Failed it'.
Nailed it is the best show ever. Where 3 basic home bakers try to copy an extremely sophisticated dessert. The host is HILARIOUS!

Those are my suggestions, but King julian isn't the best... It is a kid's show after all...

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

Hey @Esperanza67 this is an amazing thread! If you like action and sci-fi kinda stuff, I highly recommend Daredevil and Stranger Things. I love those 2 very much, really good shows. I'm trying not to read too many of the posts just in case theres any spoilers on GoT! (even though I'm only on S1E1 hahahah I will get there though!

Re: Good TV shows/movies!!

hmm it depends on what sorts of stuff your into @Esperanza67 and im aware of the ages here so... greys anatomy, 2 broke girls, the big bang theory, modern family and friends are quite good tv series
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