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What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Heyo! I'm always on the hunt for new activities, creative pursuits or sports to do. I think it would be awesome to learn about more stuff and if you could list some of your favourite things to do!!


I'll start - my current hobbies are:

1. screenwriting

2. filmmaking (short films!)

3. yoga

4. reading when i have the time

5. painting (but i have to admit, i haven't done this one much because i'm not sure where to start with supplies and it's something i wanna get into more)


over to youuu

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

1. crochet
2. scrapbooking
4. listening to music
5. painting/drawing
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Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

My current hobbies include playing board and video games, scrapbooking, watching movies and TV shows, listening to audiobooks, journalling, photo editing and listening to music.

@wanderingwasp  It's so cool you like making short films! I've tried doing that but I don't think I was that good.

@scared01  I'm hopeless at crochet. I tried doing it once and failed miserably. I'd love to see some of your designs one day!

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Hi guys, great idea @wanderingwasp


My top hobbies at the moment would have to be:

1. Guitar

2. Reading

3. Meditation

4. Listening to music

5. Nature walks


@wanderingwasp I believe watercolour paints are relatively easy and inexpensive to start with (can buy in sets). My partner started with this and picked it up quite quickly Smiley Happy.


Great lists @WheresMySquishy @scared01

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Awesome thread idea @wanderingwasp I also love reading and yoga! My other favourite hobbies are teaching myself songs on the violin, journalling and sport (mostly aerobics, going for walks, dancing). The 2 things I really want to get into are boxing and learning a new language. I've kinda always wanted to have a book club too Smiley Happy


@wanderingwasp what film genres are you interested in?


Everyone's hobbies sound super fun and it sounds like we all love reading! What's everyone's favourite book? @wanderingwasp @scared01 @WheresMySquishy @Guitarman97 

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

1. Writing poetry

2. Colouring 


Tbh i don't have a lot but i do really want to get into more! So this thread is much needed for me Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Hi @celestialdreamer 

Lovely range of hobbies you have got going! How long have you been playing violin for?

I like my psychology and self help books, so my favourite would be 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. I've yet to start reading fiction (as I have only just recently started reading lol) but the Lord of the Rings books are high on my list to read. What would your favourite book be?

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Hey @wanderingwasp - great idea ! @sunnygirl606 writing poetry would be such a great hobby and so therapeutic! Definitely something I want to one day appreciate and try and develop my skills in

@Guitarman97 im also a big fan of self-help / psychology books. My ALL TIME favourite is the skeleton cupboard by Tanya Byron - please do yourself a favour and have a read, I couldn't put it down.

I think my favourite hobbies at the moment would be:
1. Painting - I have just launched my own art business and just loving it
2. Reading - I love a good psychology book. As mentioned Tanya Byron is a must and I bloody love Irvan Yalom
3. Walks - although I havent been doing it that much this week I do love a good walk
4. Just some classic mindless television
5. cross-stitch! such an underrated activity - I havent done this in a while mostly because all were sold out at spotlight but dying to get my hands on one fun one

Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Amazing book recommendation. Just googled it and the summary sounds interesting so I've added it to my list!


Is it ok if i ask more about your journey with ur art business? I've recently gotten into drawing with charcoal etc. and i was wondering how realistic it would be to make a profit on charcoal drawings online such as etsy? Also, what type of art do you do and how did you grow that passion?



Re: What's your hobby/hobbies? (chance to learn something new!)

Hey! I'm still exploring (as i used to be really into writing thrillers and horrors hehe) but right now i'm into slow paced dramas that usually focus on true crime or family Smiley Happy 


I find that with time and watching more niche films that I realise how young the art of cinema is. Like it hasn't been around for long and there calls for more experimentation!